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"Being able to order genuine Argan oil and getting it shipped from Morocco for free and delivered in just 5 days is just PERFECT!"
Howie, USA
"I absolutely love THIS cold pressed argan oil! This stuff has helped my poor eczema ridden skin SO much!!! and it has given me so much relief"
"What I like the most about this brand’s argan oil is that it comes directly from Morocco. This way I’m making sure this Argan oil is pure and genuine."
Samantha, USA
"This loyal argan really did help make my hair more manageable, shiny, healthy looking, and helped my dry scalp."
Silvy, USA
Argan oil benefits for skin

Loyal Argan Oil Benefits For Hair

a. Conditioning

Even before being recognized as having benefits for the skin, Argan oil from Morocco became renowned for its proven abilities to deeply condition hair. It is great for taming frizz and repairing split ends. Importantly, when being used to treat hair, Argan oil has many different application methods and techniques that can help garner different results. This gives users the ability to custom-make their hair treatments and zero in on treatment options for specific problems. The flexibility is great.

b. Sleek, Shiny, Manageable Style

As Argan oil for hair goes to work taming hair frizz, it gives the hair a sleek, shiny, and healthy looking finish. By simply rubbing a few drops of the Argan oil between your palms and then finger-combing your hair will help to sufficiently apply the Argan oil throughout the hair. Do this regularly and the result will be more manageable, healthier looking hair.

Argan oil for skin and face

Loyal Argan Oil Benefits For Skin

a. Anti-aging

While moisturizing the skin, Argan oil is also gently giving the skin a healthy glow and youthful appearance. This is thanks in large part to the antioxidants present in Argan oil. These anti-oxidants make Argan oil the ideal anti-aging product that reduces the appearance of wrinkles with repeated use over time. The anti-oxidants help to restore the skin's elasticity and leaves it feeling softer and plumper.

b. Replenishing Dry Skin

Dry skin is no fun. Thanks to Argan oil, dry skin can become a thing of the past. Argan oil is great for combatting even chronic dry skin and helping persons with conditions like eczema to remedy some of the conditions most irritating symptoms like itchy, flaky skin. If you already have the symptoms of dry skin, Argan oil will reverse these and help normalize your skin. Simply massaging a small amount directly into the afflicted areas of the skin is likely to provide ample relieve and heal the skin.

c. Acne

For many men and women, acne is not merely a teenage memory. It is, instead, a daily reality they live with during adulthood. In fact, adult acne is becoming increasingly common. Whereas some over-the-counter acne treatments can exacerbate skin conditions, the opposite is true for Argan oil. Argan oil is non-greasy and the anti-oxidants help to reduce inflammation and heal acne-prone skin.

d. Stretch marks, Sagging, and Puckered Skin

I think we can all agree that stretch marks, as well as sagging and puckered skin are unsightly. With its vitamin E properties, Argan oil provides a solid solution for all the above. The added elasticity from the vitamin E will reduce the likelihood of developing stretch marks during weight gain and fluctuations, as well as during pregnancy. Simply rub the Argan oil directly into the skin of the affected areas like breasts, buttocks, thighs, and stomach.

e. Cracked feet

The soles of the feet can be problematic for many persons. the hard cracked skin that can be on the soles of the feet

About Argan Oil and Its Usefulness

- Safe and Easy to Use with Virtually No Negative Side-effects

Popularly referred to as "liquid gold," A
rgan oil is gentle enough to be used all over the body without negative side-effects. It also does not have to be used as an added ingredient in other products like conditioner, lotions, and moisturizers. Argan oil can be used purely as it is -- a cold-pressed, natural, plant-based
essential. It can be rubbed directly into the skin and hair without issue even for those persons with sensitivities like sensitive skin or other allergies.

- A Natural Head-to-Toe, Go-to Beauty Elixir

Argan oil softens and richly moisturizes the skin and hair, making it a perfectly suited to be used all over the body or as needed. The oil is chock full of fatty acids, vitamins (in particular, vitamin E), minerals, and antioxidant that help to also fortify the skin and hair, protecting as it moisturizes. Best of all this is done without the injection of Parabens and harmful toxins found in many of today's beauty products that have gone through chemical processes.

In addition to softening, moisturizing, and strengthening the resistance abilities of the skin and hair, other Argan oil benefits for skin and for hair include the treatment of actual pre-existing conditions. There are also other general benefits to enjoy from using this precious oil. Some of these remarkable benefits of using organic Argan oil include the following:


Argan Oil The "Liquid Gold"

Four Reasons Why You Should Buy Loyalnaturals Organic Argan Oil

1. 100% Pure Argan Oil:
NO Alcohol NO Fragrance And NO Preservatives

2. Cruelty-free:
Vegan, For Vegetarians
Also Paraben-Free And Sulfate-Free

3. Rejuvenate Skin:
Make It Healthier
Every Day


4. We Ship For Free! Worldwide:
Our Shipping Is Secured And Traceable

Argan oil free shipping

3. Other Benefits of Using Organic Argan Oil

Other benefits of using Argan oil include treating brittle nails, making them stronger and more attractive. Through regularly using organic Argan oil, women can now grow strong, healthy, beautiful nails, even without a manicure. In addition to being great for nails, Argan oil makes a great lip moisturizer.
What To Look For When Purchasing Organic Argan Oil Wholesale Options
As stated prior, a clear understanding of the market demand for Argan oil will result in a flexible and easy to follow process that will see customers getting supplies to meet their needs. Whether distributors solely supply to large companies, or they make room for smaller businesses and even individuals, the process should maintain business best practices. Of course, in addition to business processes and best practices, it is also important that the quality of the product be maintained. Wholesale organ oil should be truly organic which mean that organic wholesale Argan oil should:
- Utilize a 100% organic process
- Be 100% pure in its output
- Not be deodorized
- Not be diluted
- Not be blended with water or other substances
- Not be tested on animals
Why You Should Buy Argan Oil Using Wholesale Options
Since Argan oil can only be produced in a very specific part of the world, wholesale and bulk distributors are increasingly important. Add to that the fact that organic Argan oil is also only available in small or limited amounts and the problem is further compounded. This is as it takes one Berber woman approximately three days, and about 16 pounds of Argan nut to make a liter of Pure Argan Oil. All these factors -- location and the organic process of making the oil -- makes it that much more important to get Argan oil in bulk store amounts so that there will be enough to meet orders and demands. Anything else will simply not be sufficient.
Where to Buy Wholesale Organic Argan Oil
Of course, the simple response to where to buy Argan oil is through certified organic Argan oil wholesale and bulk Argan oil distributors. Unsurprisingly, because of how precious this rare oil is, many persons are trying to cash in with Argan oil compounds that are neither pure nor the real deal. It is, therefore, that much more important that persons opt to purchase Argan oil solely from reputable, certified organic sources.


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