The Story Behind Our Brand


Loyal Naturals is becoming a major player in the field of hair-care, skincare & body-care. We don’t sell products, but rather solutions to the most complex and challenging skin & hair problems people face in our modern world. All the ingredients we use in our products are certified-organic and 100% natural.


Our Mission:

In each product in our LOYAL Naturals brand, we seek to deliver superior quality alongside with high performance. We create products that help protect, nourish and hydrate your body.

At LOYAL Naturals, we seek to offer our LOYAL customers and business partners an excellent product and service and to deliver reliable solutions for all their needs.

This mission statement was inspired by our conviction that such products don’t have to be full of chemicals and toxic stuff. We also believe and that people have the chance to use natural products that are healthy and deliver high performance at the same time.


Our brand has gained an excellent reputation thanks to its superior quality, affordable price, and personalized customer support.

Whom and what do we care about:

You, dear customers and business partners

 The mother nature

Nothing says is better than our Moto: We are LOYAL to your beauty and well-being, LOYAL to the women cooperatives in Morocco and LOYAL to the planet.

Faris Bachari, Co-founder