Use Argan Oil For Hair Loss Treatment To Solve This Issue For Good!

Argan oil for hair loss

An increasing amount of lost hair in your hair brush or bathroom sink is typically a

clear indication of abnormal hair loss. Thankfully, there is Argan oil for hair loss to remedy this type of situation. This oil has the capacity to promote new growth, prevent further hair loss, address issues with dry scalp and boost the overall health of your hair and scalp. By applying a simple treatment three days a week, you could experience fewer incidences of losing huge amounts of hair.

Let's Take a Look At How Argan oil for Hair Loss Actually Works

Squalene, tocopherols, phenols, fatty acids and carotenes are all essential components of Argan oil. The oil is naturally extracted from fruits of the argan tree and each fruit contains roughly 1 to 3 oil-rich kernels. This basically means a large number of argan fruits has to be processed to get a significant quantity of the oil.

Individuals losing their hair can significantly benefit from using Argan oil. Traditionally, the oil was used as treatment for various skin conditions. However, it was also found that the natural properties of this hair oil are remarkable for treating hair conditions like dry scalp and thin hair.

The oil does not only promote new growth but it helps with the growth of thick, healthy-looking hair. It is recommended by a number of dermatologists and beauticians that the oil be used to cosmetically treat both the hair and the skin.

Below are details of how this oil contributes to reducing hair loss:

Creating and Maintaining a Healthier Scalp Environment

A number of experts have emphasized the significance of having a healthy and nourished scalp to prevent losing your hair. Applying this oil following a ketoconazole treatment is a remarkable method of achieving an environment that fosters new growth.

Moisturizing the Scalp

The oil assists in eliminating scalp conditions like dandruff. Scalp build-up containing DHT will cause damage to hair follicle and repairing it will stimulate growth.

Promoting Hair Growth

The oil acts to stimulate the production of keratin, which are vital to the growth of new hair. Research has indicated that using this oil to stimulate the scalp assists in promoting new hair growth.

Balancing Hormone Levels

The oil has a delicate effect on balancing skin and scalp hormones. For this reason, it is used to treat acne as well.

Boosting  Blood Flow to the Scalp

This enhanced blood flow to the scalp can assist hair follicles in getting the nutrients needed for continued growth.

Treating Split Ends and Frizz

If you are on a treatment regimen for thinning hair and want to ultimately get rid of the frizzy, dishevelled appearance, among the best things you can do is make sure the new hair grows back healthy and strong. Treating your hair with Argan oil will make the hair look better.

A certain amount of loss is inevitable and actually quite normal. However, if you are losing more than 15 strands of hair in each pull, it might be time to use Argan oil for hair loss to address the issue.

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Customer Testimonials (2)

I've been using this %100 Pure argan oil as directed for a month. I can see new growth evidence, I will continue to use this product because it makes my hair feel amazing in both texture and shine! I do feel that the hair falling out has lessened greatly.
argan oil for hair loss
Tierrah M.
My coils love Moroccan Argan Oil. I'm still battling traction alopecia and it helps a lot!
argan oil hair loss
Tameka R.