Is Argan Oil For Natural Hair Worthy Of The Hype?

Argan oil for natural hair

More and more people are trying to go natural in every way possible. Some are giving up shampoos with questionable chemicals while others are resorting to strange hair care practices, like using an egg to wash their hair. There is no telling how far this new trend will go, but one thing is for sure, Argan oil for natural hair is the super star at the moment.

Why is Argan Oil so Popular?

Many oils are making a name for themselves. It is only normal since all natural oils offer benefits. Most oils can be absorbed by the human skin and hair, which is the key in receiving the benefits. Still, out all these choices, Argan oil is perhaps one of the most coveted natural hair care solutions.

This oil comes from a local fruit that grows on African land: Morocco. It has been used by the locals for several things like braid dipping or for beauty purposes. It has even been shown to reduce hyperpigmentation. The reason Argan oil for natural hair is so popular is because of its powerful ingredients.


For one, it contains almost three times the amount of polyphenols than olive oil, meaning it is a much more powerful antioxidant. This is important to reduce the amount of oxidative stress that the scalp might be dealing with due to free radicals. The free radical compound is an atom short of an electron, which it ends up stealing from a healthy molecule. Aging is partly associated with this issue, and it can lead to issues in the scalp like hair loss. Hair might also appear somewhat duller if free radical damage is ignored.

Hydrophobic Properties

Another reason this oil is coveted among beauty enthusiasts is because it has the ability to be easily absorbed by hair strands and gives hair hydrophobic capabilities. This means that once a hair strand has absorbed moisture, it will also be able to repel excess water. This makes hair more manageable, especially when styling. A person might experience more tangles, frizz, and hair breakage without this interesting effect.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is vital for cell repair and encourages healthy growth, which is very important for those who are experiencing a little hair loss. Those who have damaged hair might also benefit from vitamin E as it will help replenish the scalp with healthy hair at a fast rate.


Argan oil contains omega-3s, and that is very good news. This fatty acid helps promote healthy cell walls. This does two things for hair. One, it helps strengthen the structure of hair that should prevent breakage. Two, it also plumps cells, which should make hair fuller.

Of course, there are many other benefits that have been associated with Argan oil use for natural hair, but an entire day should not be spent reading when there is so much to do. It is clear, though, that this particular oil is worth the attention it seems to be getting from the hair beauty community.