Introducing our Argan oil quality control system.

argan oil quality controlIn order to maintain the top quality of our pure, certified-organic Argan oil, we make sure our Argan oil quality
control system meets the highest quality and hygienic standards. We have a dedicated quality control team. This team works continuously on this quality control system that enables us to offer fresh, pure Argan oil.

This rigorous, on-site quality control system covers all the phases of production, bottling and storing. Our team works closely with a lot of partners to ensure that we produce the best argan oil quality possible.  At the stage of oil pressing, the Argan oil quality control gets even more rigorous. We make sure the pressing is done in the correct way. To ensure the best argan oil quality, our work doesn’t stop at the stage of the oil pressing. We also keep a close eye on the storing conditions of the freshly pressed oil. This is to make sure Argan oil is stored in hygienic and Agran-oil-friendly conditions to maintain all its components intact.

A dedicated team for the best Argan oil quality control.

Our regular and on-site quality doesn’t stop at this point. We have a dedicated team that continuously pays close attention to the bottling, packaging and final storing conditions. Our ultimate goal is to deliver to our beloved LOYAL Argan oil with its all purity. This way our Argan oil is keeping 100% of its benefits and virtues. Alongside with our rigorous and regular on-site Argan oil quality control, our approach to the relationship with our suppliers goes beyond the classic supplier-client framework. We always try to make sure that our suppliers-the women cooperatives work in the best conditions possible. We want to make them able to do their jobs in the best way which results in the perfect quality of LOYAL Argan oil. 

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    Hi could you please send me your catalogue with your products please I’m looking to purchase 50 Organic facial masks that you leave on your face for 30mins and wash off with private labeling I would like this shipping to the uk. If you could please let me know and send me a catalogue with your products and pricing and if you can confirm you do private labeling.?.

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