Argan oil supplier: We are a team of Moroccan specialists

argan oil supplier

We are Argan oil supplier and Moroccan natives with a deep interest and a huge love for this gift from nature and there is nothing we master more than the process of Argan production. We work hard to get the best of Argan oil and offer it to the world.

As a native Moroccan company:

  1. We know more about Argan oil.
  2. We are more qualified offer to you the best quality.3.
  3. We maintain rigorous and regular quality control of the production process.

We offer pure & organic Argan oil

Our fair trade Argan oil is certified organic and in compliance with the Moroccan, USA and European strict standards. This way our product meets the quality requirements in all the countries where it’s distributed. This has made our business partners worldwide happy with the quality of our organically grown and pressed Loyal Argan. We have clients from all the continents and of course our Loyal Naturals brand respects the strict quality regulations in every single country where it is sold.

Best product for the right price

At we offer Argan oil with its superior quality at the right prices. You may ask:
How would we offer you such a high value product for an affordable price?
Here is the answer: we source our organic cold-pressed Argan oil from our partner women’s cooperatives for very fair prices, then we offer it to you at the right price. This way, there is no over-pricing, and at the same time you don’t have to compromise quality on price. This is how we make both our dear suppliers and our beloved Loyal Naturals happy.

We maintain rigorous and continuous quality control

1. Regular on site quality control: Our team maintains a very rigorous quality control over all the production process
2. Pressing the oil: When it comes to pressing the Argan kernels to get the oil, the quality control gets even more rigorous to make sure the pressing is done in the correct way and thus press the best quality oil possible.
3. Storing conditions: We make sure Argan oil is stored in hygienic and Agran-oil-friendly conditions to maintain all its components intact.
4. Bottling, packaging and final storing: Our ultimate goal is to deliver our Loyal Naturals oil with all its purity and therefore keep 100% of its benefits and virtues.

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  1. Sarah

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    I am Sarah from Natura Oil co. ltd.We have recently been looking for new suppliers and are very interested in your product range.
    Would it be possible for you to send us a hard copy of your catalogue and current price list?(wholsesale)
    please advise minimum order quantity. Please note that we are based in Mauritius.
    Hope that we can do business.

    Kind regards,
    Sarah U.

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