Eliminate Dry Scalp, Dry Hair And Have A Beautiful Healthy Hair


Use Argan Oil For  A Healthy Scalp

DDry hair dry scalp solutionid you know that Argan oil is richer in vitamin E than olive oil? And we all know that olive oil is extremely healthy for your scalp, this is what makes argan oil exceptionally very beneficial for your scalp, the vitamin E in it is going to protect the scalp and also reduce its symptoms and other discomforts.

Provides Protection to the scalp

Argan oil is not only very rich in vitamin E and other important antioxidants, it is also extremely rich in omega9s and omega6s, these fatty acids are of extreme importance to your scalp because they are going to mimic the sebum produced by your sebaceous gland, which is a fatty substance produced in order to protect your skin and scalp.

Most people who go out and who are exposed to pollutants are going to damage their sebum levels or not produce quality sebum at all, it is because of all the impurities and toxins in the environment, by applying argan oil daily, you are going to increase the healthy fats in your scalp which are also going to protect it and help heal it.

Get Rod Of Microbes And Yeast

Argan oil , as indicated before, is extremely rich in antioxidants and other highly important chemical compounds like natural antibiotics and natural antifungal.

These chemical compounds are the ones responsible for decreasing the levels of dangerous microbes and funguses in your scalp.

Over the long run, these microbes and yeast are going to proliferate in your scalp and are going to cause problems like itchiness, red and white pimples, inflammations and even in some cases of hair loss!

By applying argan oil to your scalp, you are simply preventing these microbes and disease from spreading and from becoming excessive in number and overwhelming to your good bacteria and good yeast.