We Know You May Have Some Questions, Here Are Some Answers

Yes we do ship to all the countries in the world. Your order will be delivered to the address you give us

Yes. All our Argan oil products are organic. Not only the oil is certified organic, but all the production process is. We have several international certifications for that and our products respect the quality & organic production requirements in all the countries where they are distributed.

The shelf life of our cosmetic Argan oil is 24 months. The amber glass bottles preserve the oil for such a long time. Our Argan oil products are all natural and preservative-free, that’s why we encourage our dear customers to use the products promptly once received.

If you have never used Argan oil before, we advise you to ease into it to allow to your body to get gradually accustomed to its protecting, nourishing and moisturizing benefits. 

Our Argan oil is 100% natural, so you are free to use it if you don’t have an allergy against natural products. If you do have such allergy, please consult your physician prior to using our cosmetic Argan oil

No. All our products are absolutely free of paraben, alcohol, fragrances, preservatives and sulphates.

Yes indeed. Loyalnaturals organic Argan is 100% natural and vegetable Argan oil that is vegan, produced cruelty-free and processed in a nature-friendly environment and in hygienic conditions.

We have never tested and we will never test any of our products on animals because we deeply believe that all products should be cruelty-free.

Absolutely not! You will only pay the price that is shown to you and nothing more. There are no shipping fees, no taxes, and no additional costs of any kind.

To keep the components of Argan oil active for the longest time possible, please keep the bottle tightly closed and away from direct sunlight and high temperatures.

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