Our Organic Argan Oil Certifications

Our Organic Argan oil is fair trade, natural and environment-preserving. It is in compliance with the Moroccan, US and European strict standards. This means that our organic Argan oil meets the quality requirements in the all countries where it’s distributed. Let’s take a tour of our organic argan oil quality certificates and organic certifications.

Organic Argan oil: The IGP certificate.

Organic Argan OilThis is the guarantee of the origin of Argan Oil. The Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) is known also as IGP. It ensures that only products genuinely originating in that region are allowed to be identified as such in commerce. This certificate identifies our Organic Argan oil as being from a specific region with its resulting unique properties and signal to consumers that its production meets high standards. It also helps protect traditional knowledge and promote producers’ collective rights. In the case of Argan oil in general, this certificate of origin was implemented to protect the reputation of the Moroccan Argan tree area, promote rural and agricultural activity in that area. It also helps Argan oil producers obtain a premium price for their authentic products. This is in addition to eliminating the unfair competition and misleading of consumers by non-genuine products, which may be of inferior quality or of impure composition.

IGP Argan is a very prestigious quality certificate a local product can ever obtain. It’s only delivered to local products that are not produced anywhere but in a specific area in the whole world. And in the case of LOYAL Argan, having the IGP Argan certificate testifies that this organic Argan oil is completely genuine and originates only from a specific Argan tree area in the world. Which is a specific part of southwest Morocco, and not all the southwest Morocco area as some Argan oil producers pretend. Our Organic Argan Oil IGP certificate N° is: IGP01021-042012.

Organic Argan oil: The USDA certificate.

Organic Argan OilAlongside with the IGP Argan certificate, LOYAL Argan is also USDA-Organic. USDA stands for the United States Department of Agriculture. This means that our Argan oil meets the USA federal standards set by the US government for Organic production set by the US National Organic Program 7 CFR Part 205. This is a necessary certificate for the product to be sold in the Unites States. Please note that even if an Argan oil brand is USDA-organic certified, this certificate does not mention the origin of the oil. (i.e LOYAL Argan is from a protected Argan forest area).

 Organic argan oil : The EU certificate.

Organic Argan OilAnother organic/quality certificate which is special to us is the EU-Organic certification. The EU-organic identifies LOYAL Argan oil as organic by the strict standards of the European Commission and could be safely used in ALL the European countries. Please note that Europe and the USA have different quality standards and that LOYAL Argan, our organic argan oil is in compliance with all these strict standards is another proof of its superior quality.

Our quality and organic certifications work together to ensure the highest quality possible. The IGP ARGAN certificate is the must-have certificate to identify LOYAL Argan as 100% genuine and from the area where the Argan tree is protected by the Unesco. It also testifies that its production preserves the local producers’ rights-especially the women cooperatives. The USDA and the UE organic certifications make sure it’s 100% pure, organic and chemical-free. Such organic argan oil is completely safe to be used on the skin, hair, lips, hands, lips, and other parts of the body.

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