How Does Our Wholesale Argan Oil System Work And Who Can Benefit From It?

Open a Wholesale Argan oil account and have access to one of the most lucrative, fast-growing and profitable business at the moment. Numerous small businesses like skincare & haircare shops, beauty salons, SPAs and beauty e-stores around the world have made a healthy profit by reselling our USDA-organic Argan oil to their customers, to help them improve and enjoy a healthier skin and beautiful hair.

Why Wholesale Argan oil by Loyal Naturals?wholesale argan oil

Unlike some other producers, our Argan oil is 100% organic, vegan, cruelty-free and cold-pressed on demand. We ship it fresh to our worldwide resellers located in different countries like the USA, Australia, Japan, The United Kingdom, New Zealand, Korea, Taiwan…and many more.

Also, our resellers are growing their customer base constantly because they are offering them a top quality product that comes in an elegant and beautiful packaging and delivers great performance!

Start your Argan oil business for as little as $249

The great news is that you can open a wholesale argan oil account with us for only $249 which includes everything from the stock to the shipping fees, the promotion material and our information pack to help you sell more and faster to your customers!

Our Argan oil resellers who have invested as little as $249 have made a 480% return on investment (ROI). 480% ROI is making a profit that is almost worth 5 times the initial investment. They were able to turn that $249 into $1200. Others went faster and invested $2.490 and turned it into $12.000 profit.


What makes Argan Oil so unique?

Argan oil is different and more popular than other skincare and hair care products. This is because it is a unique product that can solve many skin and hair complications at once. This means that the value and the benefits your customers will get out of our Argan oil is largely higher that the value of money they put on purchasing it. This will also build you a loyal customer base that is willing to buy again leading to a very high return on investment for you. When you compare our wholesale argan oil prices with the suggested retail prices you will immediately realize that you can get a very good markup out of our Argan oil products.

Wholesale Argan Oil

Here are some useful practical information to help you make your final decision.

Available Sizes:

30ml equivalent of (1 fl.oz)
50ml equivalent of (1.7 fl.oz)
100ml equivalent of (3.4 fl.oz)


All bottles are amber (dark) glass with a dropper inside, plus outer carton and display box. See the image above

Secure, Fast Shipping:

We offer a secured and surprisingly fast 2 to 4 business days shipping.

No Hidden Fees:

We don’t have any hidden fees whatsoever! You only pay the price that is shown to you.

Free Trial Samples:

If you want to checkout the product quality and packaging, we will be happy to send you a free sample, just get in touch with us! Please send your message to: or click here to use our Contact us page

For Argan Oil Wholesale Inquiries, Please Fill Out The Form Bellow And We Will Get Back To You Shortly

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